Interview with Henry Hill

Watch a rare interview with one of the most famous wiseguys of all time — Henry Hill, of “Goodfellas” fame. As a host and someone who has been in that world, Tony Delvecchio won’t let Henry Hill off the hook so easy. While Tony wasn’t a member of any crime family, he refused to turn state’s evidence on any of his friends and associates, even when staring jail time square in the face. Hill went the other way, and Tony takes him to task for it. Tony also probes Hill on the ultimate, moral penalty of  terrorizing another human being, beyond the consequences of the law.

5 comments on “Interview with Henry Hill

  1. My name is Tina Powers and I’m the chief editor and personal coordinator for Daniel Simone who, in collaboration with the late Henry Hill, recently completed a book titled, The Lufthansa Heist. The storyline is a fast-reeling, suspenseful dramatization of the never-before-told planning and execution of the audacious ambush on the German airline. Thanks to Henry Hill’s personal contribution to the project, it is loaded with the real life facts and descriptions of Jimmy Burke’s slaughter of those involved in the robbery. The book is up for publication and its progress can be followed on Daniel Simone’s Facebook page.
    Mr. Simone just published a story about Henry Hill in the Hamptons most popular magazine, Dans Papers. (The name of the publication has no connection with Daniel Simone). This is the link to that story:
    New York Post gossip columnist, Cindy Adams, published a clip about Henry Hill and Daniel Simone’s upcoming Lufthansa Heist book. Here’s the link: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/cindy_adams/tyson_got_talent_BptwR8W9C9xI4m9iGLtyOK

  2. Did Nora Ephron actually coin the word “wiseguy”? I would never have guessed. Looks like a great book. I’ve watched “Goodfellas” at least a dozen times and look forward to filling in the blanks with an interesting read.

  3. I AM THE LAST OF THE GOOD FELLAS, I WAS THE ONLY ONE TO GO TO SHAWAGUNK CF( CORRECTIONAL FACILITY0 the whole 12 years he was on “vacation” his family went EVERY weekend he helped my family out thru a very intense situation when my mother commited suaside jimmy made the medical change the death certificte from death by suaside to phnamonia so she could be buried in the catholic church ( its a mortal sin for a catholic to commit her own death ) but in 1973 jimmy took care of every thing. im the only one jimmy wrote to while in prison ( 32 letters and cards) i wrote him about 200, i just wanted him to take a few minutes to read my letters and put his mind at ease for a while. i still talk or visit mickey and the family till this day jimmy died 3 weeks before he was supposed to court due to his HABEUS CORPUS was approved and henry hill would have to come back to court AND PROVE JIMMY WHACKED Richie Eaton not just because henry said Jimmy did whack 13 people after the HEIST with 5 police orgnazations following him 24/7 he didnt put little kids in refrigerators until their parents paid back the loan shark money. People didnt wanna hear he walked his dog lu lu at 8 A.M every morning that he was home. That he worked at the Post Office as a teenager during Christmas rush. Well thats enough for now.

  4. i meant to write in my earlier statement that jimmy DID NOT HIT THOSE13 people after the heist(sorry)

  5. fyio-arnold rothstein was the guy who came up with the idea of ,,,,,,,point spreads for football and basketball and the odds for boxing and the money line for baseball

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