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Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“Far more intriguing than anything I dared hope for.”

“A breath of fresh air.”

“Delvecchio’s remembrances of the events put one right there.”

“A very compelling story, peopled by some truly charismatic characters.”

“The book has a great deal more to say than what is hinted at by the title.”

“It is a rare time indeed when we are given an honest accounting of a famous life — as told by someone with no axe to grind.”




 “A great story!”

 “An insider’s view.”


 TCM Reviews


 “This book will transport you right back in time like you are there right in the middle of it all and loving every minute of it.

 “Will have you on the edge of your seat trying to get thru every page without missing a heartbeat.”


 Books Old and New


“Incredibly testosterone-filled, so much so that I’m surprised it doesn’t drip down from the pages onto the floor.”

“Very engaging and entertaining, especially the (stories) featuring Frank Sinatra, John Gotti, and Joe Pesci.”

“Shocking and gives the reader a behind the scenes glance at what the people at the forefront do behind closed doors. It’s not always pretty.”

‘A wonderful book, one that anyone with an interest in the subject matter would devour and then come back to for seconds.”


Fulltime Adventure Blogspot


“I was hoping it was going to be a good, fun read, and it turned out to be much more than that.”

“The book grabbed me right from the first page. The writing is like someone sitting across from you just telling you a story.”

“It’s a peek into a life most of us can’t even begin to imagine of casual violence, and banging elbows with celebrities.”




“Engaging, readable, and as entertaining as a night on the town.”

“For Sinatra fans, there are more than enough stories to make this a must read.”

“The real story is . . . Tony Delvecchio with all his contradictions and ambitions.”


Tara Perry, Radio Host, “Men’s Dugout”


“Jilly’s . . . has more stories then this book could ever hold.”

“Just when I thought this was a great book about Frank Sinatra, I found out it was more.”


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http://www.thesopranos.com/…/book-review-sinatragotti-and-me-by-tony- delvecchio-and-rich-herschlag-seattle-post-intelligencer/



The Pocono Record


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