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Tara Perry

5.0 out of 5 stars Sinatra Gottin and Me, March 22, 2011

By Tara Perry

This review is from: Sinatra, Gotti and Me (Hardcover)

Just when I thought this was a great book about Frank Sinatra – I found out it was more. Then when I thought it had many untold stories about John Gotti I found out it was much more. These two famous men were linked in a strong friendship to Tony Delvecchio (the me in the Title).

Tony ran the famous NYC nightclub called Jilly’s and that setting has more stories then this book could ever hold. This isn’t just a book of stories told first hand about these men, it is an account on a life lived on the inside of the mob that displays – truth, honesty and dignity. Those words aren’t overly associated with people who choose to live by making their living in the Mob world. I learned a lot from this book because of the way Tony chose to live his life and how he made his decisions. I have to admit – I loved all of the stories but I loved the concept of the book even more.

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