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He never blinked. He never bluffed. He never backed down. We’re referring to neither Sinatra nor Gotti. It’s the “Me” that was the tough guy here — and he was not a “wise guy”. He was the kind of guy who could tell John Gotti, “No” and get away with it. He was tough but not mean. And could he tell stories! Who knows how many of his stories were factual and how many were bullshit? Who cares? It makes for great reading, lots of smiles and some laughs out loud. Who is “Me”? It’s Tony Delvecchio from the mean streets of Newark, NJ. This is the story of Frank Sinatra, John Gotti, Jilly Rizzo and the infamous “Jilly’s” nightclub — according to Tony D. He gets half the writing credits for this book (posthumously) along with Rich Herschlag.

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